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Why Study At Unizulu

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The University has four faculties (Arts; Commerce, Administration and Law; Education; and Science and Agriculture) with some fifty departments that cater for a wide range of academic studies.

While the many different courses offered in the Humanities and in Education remain relevant and popular, South Africa's needs for development in the areas of Science (including Agriculture) and Commerce is receiving new emphasis at the University of Zululand. The University offers many incentives, including generous scholarships and study loans, to attract students to these fields of study that open doors to many exciting careers available to graduates. The University has restructured its curricula in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority Act (SAQA) in order to meet the requirements of a coherent qualifications framework. Its courses are outcomes-based to ensure that students are properly prepared for the job market and to enable them to enter the profession of their choice with confidence. Multiple exit points built into the courses allow students to leave with a qualification if they cannot complete the degree for one reason or another. The semester system has been replaced by a term system and examinations by a continuous assessment system (including tests, orals and practical's) that is carried out over the eight-week period required to complete each module. Students and staff have access to computerised data including credits obtained, marks awarded and changes in courses.

The main campus at KwaDlangezwa, close to the burgeoning towns of Empangeni and Richards Bay, is situated in a tranquil setting a short drive away from popular seaside resorts and game parks. Its unique geographical setting is ideal for community-orientated research, especially in the fields of rural development, linguistics, folklore, history, religion, social work, political studies, the natural sciences (including agriculture), education and indigenous law.

The University of Zululand's Hewlett-Packard Computer Academy provides the very best equipment to ensure that by the time students graduate, they would have the best computer training possible to prepare them for employment in a world that is increasingly computer-driven. The University has also established a highly successful Science Centre at Richards Bay to promote interest in science and technology and to encourage students and school pupils to prepare for careers in these fields.

The University of Zululand's chemistry laboratories are among the best equipped in the country and its library is a state of the art facility designed to accommodate bibliophiles in air-conditioned comfort. Together with modern residences and dining rooms, spacious lecture halls and recreation areas served by the University of Zululand's own catering staff, the University of Zululand has much to offer the potential student.