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BA (Dual Major) ABDEG1

Centre for Arts and Culture

Communication Science
BA (Dual Major) ABDEG1
Certificate: Public Relations ACPCT1
Diploma: Public Relations Management ACPDP1
Honours in Communication Science ACS500
Masters in Communication in Communication Science ACS700
Doctoral Degree in Communication Science ACS800

Criminal Justice
BA in Correctional Studies AJDEG2
Honours Degree in Criminal Justice ACR500
Masters Degree in Criminal Justice ACR700
Doctoral Degree in Criminal Justice ACR800

Development Studies & Anthropology
BA in Development Studies ADDEG1
BA Honours in Development Studies ADS500
MA in Development Studies ADS700
PhD in Development Studies ADS800

Dual Major (BA with dual major options) ABDEG1

English (BA Dual Major; post-graduate degrees also offered) ABDEG1

General Linguistics (BA Dual Major; post-graduate degrees also offered) ABDEG1

Geography and Environmental Studies
BA in Environmental Planning and Development SGDEGB
Honours Geography and Environmental Studies AGG500
Masters Geography and Environmental Studies AGG700
Doctoral Geography and Environmental Studies AGG800

German (BA Dual Major) ABDEG1

History (BA Dual Major) ABDEG1

IsiZulu NamaGugu
BA in African Languages AZDEG1/AODEG1
BA (Dual Major) ABDEG1
Honours in African Languages AZU/AST500
Masters in African Languages AZU/AST700
Doctor of Philosophy in African Languages AZU/AST800

Information Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Information Science AIDEG1
Bachelor in Library and Information Science AIDEG2
Postgraduate University Diploma in Library and Information Science AIDIP1
Postgraduate University Diploma in Specialised Education School Librarianship AIDIP2
Bachelor in Library & Information Science (Honours) ALB500
Masters in Library and Insformation Science ALB700
Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) ALB800

BA (Dual Major) ABDEG1
BA Hons in Philosophy APH500
MA in Philosophy APH700
PhD in Philosophy APH800

BA (Applied Psychology) ABDEG1
B Psych AYDEG1
Psychology Honours APS500
Masters Clinical Psychology APS700
Masters Counselling Psychology AYC700
Masters Research Psychology AEC700
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology APS800
Doctor of Community Psychology. AEC800

Recreation & Tourism
B Tourism (Tourism Studies) ARDEG1
Postgraduate Diploma in Recreation and Tourism 190ZZZ
Master's degree in Recreation and Tourism 196ZZZ

Social Work
B Social Work AWDEG1
Social Work Hons ASW500
Masters Social Work ASW700
Masters Community Work AWS700
Higher Diploma in Community Work ACW400

BA in Sociology ASDEG1
BA Industrial Sociology ASDEG2
Master’s Degree in Sociology ASY700
Master’s Degree in Industrial Sociology AIY700
D.Phil in Sociology ASY800
D.Phil in Industrial Sociology AIY800

Theology and Religion Studies
B.Th. (Arts) Main Campus T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) Christian Reformed Theological Seminary T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) Durban Bible College T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) Full Gospel Church College T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) Union Bible College T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) South African Theological Seminary (withdrawn) T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) Evangelical Bible College T1DEG1
B.Th. (Arts) Trinity Academy Pietermatizburg T1DEG1
B.Th. Honours
B.A. Hons (Biblical Studies) TBS500
M.A. (Biblical Studies) TBS700
D. Phil. (Biblical Studies) TBS800