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Foreword by Prof PT Sibaya

Click here to visit the Research Website.

Welcome to our research website at the University of Zululand! We hope that it will not only provide insight into research activities at this institution, but that it will also open up vistas for further exploration in the vast oceans of the unexplored. Data on research activities are not static but dynamic – and we hope that our website will be instrumental in providing insight and stimulating further accomplishment. Thanks are due to Neil Evans, our research website manager, whose efforts have seen the webpage into existence.

One of the most significant developments at this University over the years was the establishment of a research centre and an office to ensure sound research administration. These serve as the hub of our research activities, helping us to promote a spirit of enquiry among students and staff. The core functions of this University are teaching, research and community engagement. The University has particular research strengths in fields identified as regional, national and international imperatives crucial for our country’s economic and social development, including the fields of science, technology, mathematics, information and communication technology, health care, arts and the humanities.

We plead guilty to overselling and overindulging in research activities because we are convinced that university teaching and education is informed by research. The University is proud of its achievements in research and its impact on social and industrial development, especially in the Richards Bay area. I sincerely hope that you enjoy surfing our research website!