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Campus Health Clinic

The Centre mainly aims at providing good quality health care service that are readily available and affordable to UZ registered students and employees. The Campus Health Clinic was launched at the University of Zululand in 1981.

The UZ Campus Health Clinic is located on Southern side of the Campus, opposite the King Bhekuzulu Hall and near the Protective Service Department.

Campus Health Clinic aims at disseminating information on self-care in order to promote a healthy life-style. The following scheme illustrates the services provided by the Health Care Centre.

The student or employee as an individual in need of health care is in the centre of the above scheme. Services are provided at a Primary Health Care Level which includes all the above mentioned aspects.

Preventive and Promotive Health Care Service

Health Education plays an important role in preventing diseases and in encouraging a healthy lifestyle that is necessary to enable students to concentrate on their main purpose at university that is to study. The Health professionals at the Health Centre are experienced and qualified to assist and advice our young community members with regard to all health-related issues and problems.

Spiritual Aspect

The Health Centre’s strategy includes an assessment of the spiritual needs of individuals as we believe that God, The Almighty must come first in our lives. Individual spiritual needs are attended especially during the counseling process.

Counselling Service

The above service is provided Free of Charge on an individual basis.
• Taking into consideration the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) is being encouraged at the Health Centre.
• Stress related issues are also taken into consideration in order to enable the student to study.
Stress is believed to intensify physiological and behavioural reactions when a student attempts to adapt and adjust to internal and /or external demands or pressures that he or she cannot cope with.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Management of the above infections is available and is FREE, in other words, there is no CHARGE.
A service provider with technical and professional skills manages the above infections following the Department of Health’s guidelines.

Reproductive Health Care (Family Planning)

• Reproductive health and Family Planning advice is available to students as well as staff members, and they are assisted in planning pregnancies “by choice” instead of “by chance”.
• The Centre furthermore provides information regarding TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY (TOP) service as well as extensive counseling, taking into account the post traumatic effects of the TOP.
Available methods include:
• Oral contraception - pill
• Injectables – 2 and 3 months injections
• Male condoms
• Female condoms
The above methods are FREE.

Rehabilitative Services

Individual students suffering from the following conditions or problems are assisted to change their lives.
• HIV/AIDS related issues
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Living with a person who is HIV positive
• Drug addiction
• Alcohol abuse
As nurse practitioners, we make a special effort to help the individual student or personnel to understand the general concept ‘CHANGE’ as well as the specific Behavioural Change that is required on his/her part.

Alternative Services

Students have the right to decide whether to use either the UNIZUL Campus Health Clinic or other facilities that are available with private doctors and hospitals in Empangeni. In the interests of continued health care, it is is essential that they make their choice known.