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Application Process(NSFAS)

Students are invited to apply for NSFAS by means of notices. Application forms are issued according to the information contained in the aforementioned notices. The notices include, dates, venues, times and other vital information relating to the application process.

1. When to apply

All Students that need financial assistance in the following academic year must submit their applications not later than the set dates during the current academic year. Application forms are issued as per the dates advertised

2. Application for the current academic year

The following categories of students are permitted to apply for NSFAS for the current academic year.
Senior students who did not qualify to apply for NSFAS in the previous academic year e.g. students:

(a) that were not fulltime students
(b) that were not registered with the University in the previous academic year
© who registered in the 3rd and the 4th terms in the previous academic year.
All other senior students must apply
towards the end of the current year
for the following year.

3. Minimum requirements

To qualify for the NSFAS loan the applicant must be:
• A South African citizen
• Registered with the University for all the prescribed modules/courses for the particular year of study.
• An undergraduate students studying for a first tertiary qualification or
• Study or a second tertiary qualification if this is necessary in order to practice in the chosen profession, e.g PGCE
• Able to demonstrate potential to complete the degree in record time plus one year. • Financially needy
NB: The academic rating to determine whether a student is academically deserving of a NSFAS loan is determined by Loan Screening Committee
The academic ratings are:

80% pass in all the prescribed modules for the previous academic year for senior students
80% pass in of all the prescribed modules for term 1 and term 2 of the current academic year for the first year students.
The Loans Screening Committee may revise the aforementioned values whenever it is necessary to do so, e.g when funds are in excess or insuffient
Financial neediness is measured in terms of the NSFAS Means Test.. This is determined from documented proof of income which forms part of the application package.
4. Documentation

Documentation to be submitted together with the application forms is listed in the instruction section on the application form.
Applicants must submit their applications to the FAB personally. Each applicant is interviewed in order to ensure that all the information stated in the application is correct and accurate

5. Credit Balances On Student Accounts

Please refer to Refundable Monies.

6. Loan Screening Committee

.6.1 Composition

The Loans Screening Committee is constituted as stated below:

(a) The Dean of Students presides over the meetings of the Loans Screening Committee.
(b) Manager: Financial Aid Bureau
(c) Head of Section: Centre for Guidance and Counselling.
(d) Head of Section: Residences
(e) Assistant Registrar: Student Affairs.
(f) Secretary: Financial Aid Bureau
(g) Financial Administrator (Loans) - FAB
(h) Student Representative Council – (Representative)

6.2 Function

The function of the Loan Screening Committee is to approve the allocation of NSFAS loans and to take decisions relating to these loans.

6.3 Meetings

Meetings are held whenever it is necessary to do so (but never less than twice a year).

No student will receive NSFAS funding without having submitted an approved NSFAS LAF. LAF’s are issued after the Loans Screening Committee has approved the various loan amounts.

No loan agreement form will be honoured by NSFAS without the submission of a certified copy of a valid South African Identity Document. Other forms of identification are NOT acceptable. Proper completion and signing of the NSFAS LAF’s by qualifying students that are 21 years old and above is essential. Students below 21 (Minors) must have their LAF’s countersigned by their parents or guardians.

NB: Responsibility of Applicants

It is the responsibility of both prospective and current NSFAS applicants to ensure that, their fees accounts are in order, i.e. tuition fee, books, accommodation, meals etc are charged correctly, the applicable credits have been effected. The necessary adjustments where applicable have been processed. All their registration information is correct and accurate.
Consultation Days and Times

Monday-Thursday @ 10H30 - 16H00, Friday @ 10H30 - 14H00