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Refundable Monies

1. Clearance by FAO

Applications for refunds submitted to the Student Accounts Department must be cleared by the FAO before they are forwarded for payment. The purpose is to ensure that where sponsors’/donors’ monies are involved the refund of monies is not in contravention of the sponsors’/donors’ policies.
A credit balance in the fees account (where NSFAS money is involved) is not refundable. NSFAS Is deemed to be the last resort, irrespective of when the loan was received in relation to the other sources of financial assistance. Remuneration for services rendered to the University credited to the NSFAS holder’s fees account may be released in full or in part.
2. Payments of credits to NSFAS
Credit remaining as at 31 December of the previous year on the NSFAS loan holder’s account, may not be transferred to another student. It is returned to NSFAS to reduce the holder’s loan balance.

Consultation Days and Times

Monday-Thursday @ 10H30 - 16H00, Friday @ 10H30 - 14H00