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The Financial Aid Office (FAO ) was established in 1995 .Its main function is to manage and administer financial aid to students .The criteria for determining students that qualify to obtain financial aid are to a large extent determined by the funders. The FAO ‘s responsibility is to ensure that the allocation guidelines or specific directives from the sponsors are strictly observed.

Mr.V. Naidoo Head- (office no.4)
Mr T.T.Mthiyane Bursary Administrator - (office no.2)        
Mrs N.B.B. Mbokazi Bursary Administrator - (office no.3)
Mr M.B Dube Assistant Bursary Officer (office no.5)
Mrs M.T.Shelembe NSFAS Administrator - (office no.6)
Mr M S.C.Mpungose Fin Aid Officer - (office no.10)
Mrs N.J.Ngema Fin.Aid Officer - (office no.8)
Mrs N.P Mkhwanazi Fin.Aid Officer - (office no.11)
Mrs T. Mtshali Asst. Fin. Aid Officer - (office no. 12)
Mr M.M Mthembu Asst.Fin.Aid.Officer - (office no.12)
Mr M.Z.Bhengu Asst.Fin.Aid Officer - Enquiries/Reception (Office 1)




Funds Available

The funds stated below are administered by the FAO.

  1. National Student Financial Aid Scheme(NSFAS) Loans
    1. General Funds
    2. Teacher Funds
    3. Final Year Funds
    4. Historical Debt (Graduates only)
    5. Post Graduate
  2. NSFAS Bursaries
    1. DHET - Disability
    2. DHET - Natskils
  3. Rector’s Student Bursaries
  4. Merit Bursaries
  5. Private Bursaries/Sponsorships
  6. Funza Bursary
  7. Department of Social Development
Consultation Days and Times

Monday-Thursday @ 10H30 - 16H00, Friday @ 10H30 - 14H00