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International Students : Applications-Full Time Degree Students

The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. For detailed information on courses and curricula/syllabus information, please refer to the Faculty prospectus or handbook.

Arts Faculty: Click here for a faculty handbook

Commerce Faculty: Click here for a faculty handbook

Education Faculty: Click here for a faculty handbook

Science Faculty: Click here for a faculty handbook

Procedures For Prospective Applicants:

Step 1: Check Entry requirements!!

Legal Entry Requirements: Undergraduate Applicants

An exemption from the matriculation examination is the basic legal requirement for admission to degree studies at universities in South Africa.

Applicants with non-South African school leaving certificates must ensure that they qualify for full or conditional matriculation exemption in terms of the guidelines provided by the South African Matriculation Board. Please refer to the SAUVCA (South African University Vice Chancellors' Association) website at www.sauvca.org.za/mb. Contact the Matric Board on: 27 (0)12 481 2848/2847

Faculty Entrance Requirements: Undergraduate Applicants

In addition to the legal entrance requirements, South African applicants should also meet the minimum points and selection criteria for the specific academic programmes. Also note, that the number of applications received by the university far outnumber the spaces available at the university.Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the university. International qualifications are not converted/linked to a matric point score but applicants are still required to pay attention to specific faculty subjects and class of pass requirements.

Faculty Entry Requirements: Postgraduate Applicants: SAQA-CEEQ

Applicants whose previous degrees were obtained at a university other than University of Zululand must submit certified copies of their previous degree certificates and transcripts with their applications. Please note that it is not compulsory to obtain an evaluation of qualifications from SAQA prior to submitting applications to the University. The university will undertake the assessments itself and will refer applicants to SAQA only in cases where it is not possible for the University to make a meaningful assessment.

Step 2: How to apply?

All international students must complete an official University application form when they apply to study at the University of Zululand. Please note that reference is made to the CAO (Central Applications Office) application forms on other student application related sites. Please note that these forms are for local, or South African students only!!!!

Step 3: Closing dates for Applications: PLEASE NOTE!!!!

Undergraduate Applications
Term 1 (Feb-Apr): 31 October (in the year prior to study)
Term 2 (Apr - Jun): 30 May (in the year of study)
Term 3
Term 4

Nursing Science: 30 September

Postgraduate Applications

Most Diplomas, Honours degrees and Masters coursework: 30 November.

As dates for postgraduate programmes vary, applicants are advised to contact the academic programme or School directly.

Step 4: How to obtain UNIZUL Application forms

You can obtain the Application form online by clicking on Application.

Please request for an application form and information material form. The University-wide Applications and Information Office.

University of Zululand
Private Bag X1001

Tel: +27 (0) 35 902 6000

Electronic Mail: webinfo@uzulu.ac.za

Step 5: What to submit when applying

Undergraduate Applications

Completed application form, with non-refundable application fee of R250 (SADC and other countries in Africa) or US$60 (countries outside of Africa)
Copies of school leaving certificates and translated copies where applicable
Certified copies of passport
Proof of proficiency in English if English is a second language
Proof of health insurance.
Full-time Postgraduate Applications

Completed application form with non-refundable application fee of R250 (SADC and other countries in Africa) or US$60 (countries outside of Africa)
Certified copies of degree certificates and academic records/transcripts, with translated copies where applicable

Copy of evaluation certificate from SAQA (if available)
Professional registration certificates, where applicable
Certified copies of identity document or passport
Applicants applying for a research Masters degree/PhD should submit a brief proposal and curriculum vitae
Proof of proficiency in English if English is a second language
Proof of health insurance

Step 6:Fees

Fees structure are avaialbe online when you click on Application and going into Fees The non-refundable application fee must accompany the application form.

Banking details of the university:

BRANCH CODE : 33-41-30
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 1880 000 051

Please state full names for reference purposes.

Academic Fees and Study Related Costs are available under Fees.

The local fee booklet will be available later in the year.

Step 7: Accommodation on Campus


Step 8: What happens if you are selected?

A letter of selection and a letter in support of your study visa will be issued to you by the respective faculty. Once this has been sent to you, you would need to ensure that you have a study visa/permit and health insurance.


Please consult with the university main website on campus specific registration details.