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Prospective Students

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Important Information for Prospective Students

1. Admission of Students

1.1 Admission means approval to report for registration as a student of the University, irrespective of previous registration.

1.2 Registration is at the sole discretion of Council. Compliance with the minimum entrance qualifications does not mean automatic admission. On registration, every student is bound to observe all the rules and regulations applicable to students.
2. Applying for Admission

2.1 Masters and Doctoral degree students

2.1.1 Masters and Doctors degree students must submit completed registration forms together with the prescribed fees when applying for admission. Acceptance of the fees does not imply acceptance of the candidate.

A candidate may apply at any time for admission. When - and only when he/she has been informed by the Registrar that his/her admission has been approved, may he/she negotiate with the Head of the Department on the title of his/her dissertation/thesis, the outline of his/her proposed treatment and method of research. The registration must be finalized and renewed annually before 29 March.
NB. Application and registration takes place at the Main Campus only.

2.2 Senior students registered in 2012

Senior students who wish to be re-admitted and registered for the 2013 academic year are expected to complete the prescribed application forms and return them to Administration before 31 October 2012. The forms will be available as from September 2012. No application form will be considered after 31 October 2012.

2.3 Senior students who were not registered in 2012

Senior students not registered in 2012 and who wish to be re-admitted in the 2013 academic year are required to complete application forms for admission and submit them to the Administration not later than 31 October 2012.