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Our Services

Access Control at the Main Gate is subcontracted to Isinkwe. Isinkwe members report directly to the Director: PSD. They are responsible for searches at the Main Gate to ensure that no unauthorized items or equipment is brought onto or removed from the campus. It is also their responsibility to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the campus of the University of Zululand.

The PSD operates from a Control Room base which is situated immediately opposite the King Bhekuzulu Hall on the Main Road into campus. The PSD Control Room is used as a reporting base for all crimes and serious incidents occurring on campus. In minor cases investigation are carried out by PSD staff. In more serious cases PSD staff act as a conduit between the campus community and the SAPS.

The PSD has three “satellite stations” on campus in strategic places in the Student Residence Areas to assist students.

Sensitive areas on campus are covered on a 24 hour basis by CCTV (close circuit television) and during out of office hours also by intruder alarms. We presently have 30 cameras on campus which covers areas such as the Main Gate, Rectors Residence, Administration building, SRC Office and Student Centre area, and Sports Fields to name a few.

The PSD is in constant touch with and work in close liaison with the South African Police Services (SAPS) at Mtunzini.

We have a full radio network to keep in constant touch with all patrol and guarding staff. In addition to radio contact two emergency telephones are open at all times to receive help calls from the campus community. The PSD works in close support of all administrative and academic structures on campus. Part of the function of PSD members are to welcome visitors to campus and to ensure that they reach their destination on campus safely and without any problems.

We control the free flow and parking of vehicular traffic on campus. We ensure that all traffic rules are obeyed on campus. We also assist the clinic staff and paramedics in the transport of sick and injured students between the campus and all local hospitals. Off campus students living in the areas surrounding the campus are also assisted by transporting them to their place of residence after attending late classes or study sessions.

We also operate a fire detection and fire fighting service and this responsibility is supplemented very efficiently by the Fire & Emergency Services of the Umhlatuze City in whose borders the campus falls.

The PSD has also the responsibility to investigate and report on student and staff indiscipline. We also liaise closely with the Dean of Students office and the Director: Human Resources Office to help guide and counsel students and staff on discipline problems – or on problems that might prevent such students and staff reaching their full potential.

Safety, Health and Environment matters also fall within the scope of the PSD duties. A dedicated staff member has the responsibility to ensure that our campus community remain safe and healthy and that they work and recreate in a healthy and safe environment. This staff member also has the responsibility to ensure that the University stays within our Government’s extensive and progressive, Safety, Health and Environment rules and regulations.

Student and Staff Cards are issued by the PSD, these cards allow staff and students access through the Main Gate and areas such as the Library, Computer Labs, Bookshop, Student Residences. These cards are also used for identification purposes.

Our campus residences have been additionally protected by a large number of palisade fences and an extensive turn style controlled access control system. This has led to a reduction in property and other crimes in these areas but again more work still has to be done. Resident students have co-operated in making these crime barriers effective but again more work is needed to make everyone accept that.

At this time and in addition to the patrol, guarding, investigation and Administration plans are to step up the PSD’s Crime Prevention role. It is intended to further train our Security Officers in crime prevention strategies to enable them to inform members of the campus community how to protect themselves and how to avoid becoming a victim of crime.