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Our values that we aim for:

• Service to the Campus Community – being fair, courteous, responsive and efficient so as to protect the worth, dignity and rights of all we serve.

• Integrity. We value candor, honesty and ethical behaviour in our members. We are committed to upholding our positions of trust.

• Responsibility and Accountability. We use the resources entrusted to us effectively and the need to be open in our communications with the campus communities. We are responsible for our actions and understand that only by our behaviour can we earn the support and trust of the public.

• Professionalism. We value the spirit of professionalism and the need for the constant upgrading of our staff skills. We encourage teamwork, innovation and self evaluation in our staff.

• Excellence. We strive for personal and professional excellence. We are committed to improving the campus community, earning their trust, respect and support through active partnership, involvement and service. Lastly I would like to emphasize that all of us have a responsibility to obey and enforce the law. The PSD cannot control crime without the help of the campus community.
  Please keep in mind that:

“Crime Prevention is Everybody’s Business!”